Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide authorized individuals safe and secure access in and out of various parts of your business while keeping unauthorized people out. They can range from electronic keypads that secure a single door to large networked systems for multiple buildings. Access Control Systems also greatly simplify management of your facility: no need to replace lost keys, hunt down old keys from terminated employees, or wonder who has access to which areas.

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Access control is a security technique that can be used to regulate who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. There are two main types of access control:

  • Physical access control
  • Logical access control

Physical access control:

Physical access control limits access to campuses, buildings, rooms and physical IT assets.

Logical access limits:

Logical access limits connections to computer networks, system files and data.

The following questions will explain the uses of Access control systems:

  1. What will your Door Access Control system serve?

  2. What is the size of access system will your business need?

What will your Door Access Control system serve?

To begin the service, analyze the purpose the access control system will serve. The most basic role of an access control system is to deny someone who is not supposed to enter an area. This area can be the front door, a parking garage, a server room, a personnel records room, or any other sensitive area in office or home. You may also want to use an access control system to track when employees attendance or meeting in & out. We need to consider: how secure do you need the system to be? A basic system usually features a keypad or swipe card. Higher security applications may require multiple means of authentication (a card and thumbprint(finger access, face reorganization, voice control for example) and include more redundancy. Finally, consider what other systems need to connect to your access control system. Monitored alarm systems and CCTV systems are two good examples.

What is the size of access system will your business need?

Once you understand role of the access control systems will serve, analyze about the number of doors/gates you need to secure. Smaller installations may include: a server room with an electronic keypad lock is a easy example of a very small access control system. Remember that not every door/gate has to have access control system; you can simply leave some locked and only give keys to appropriate personnel. If you plan ahead a little when purchasing your system, you should find it fairly easy to expand later. The smallest systems, designed for one or two doors, are not very expandable, but many four and eight door systems can be integrated together when you need to expand. Once you know the number of doors you will be securing, gather information on each one: the physical makeup and use of your doors will impact the type of locks and entry systems you need.

Integration and Installation:

We are providing you with the right products, the vendor you choose will also be responsible for providing going support and helping to integrate it with any other related systems you have. There is no real standard for connectivity between access control systems & alarms, time and attendance and video surveillance, so there will always be some additional custom work involved in creating integration between these systems. Very important, there are local and national codes governing the types of locks and hardware that can be used on fire and exit doors, so make sure you are familiar with the ordinances in your area.

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