IP/HITV System

IP / HITV System

IPTV Systems are an Entertainment and services access solution made for the wide range of commercial sectors such as Hospitality , Medical, Education, and Corporate, whoever want to provide a world-class status and give guests and occupants a great impression of their stay in your facilities. One of the great advantages is the quick deployment of the system and it runs on set-top boxes, smart TV’s and various mobile devices, it is the optimal choice for those who value flexibility and want to offer a rich experience for your guests . Our IPTV solution comes fully integrated with various reservation, payment and maintenance systems.

The look and feel of the user interface impacts how the guests perceive information and entertainment. Our system user interface is fully customizable as per the client branding guidelines. We brings the hotel operator most flexible way to expand guests entertainment to higher level, Combined with unprecedented up and cross-sell opportunities. Take advantage of ACT Bahrain End-to-End Hospitality IPTV System and upgrade your hotel, hospital, apartment complex.


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