Audio Video Intercom System

ACT Bahrain offer the best Audio / Video Intercom System, door phones & wireless intercom systems. Affordable, high quality and easy to install doorbell cameras. Door phones allow one to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physical interaction with them. By installing a door phone system you will increase not only your home security, but also the convenience of managing daily household chores. Some video door phones come with a remote control enabling you to observe your front door from anywhere in your house. Thanks to such a system, your children will not have to interact with strangers at the door when you are not in a position to answer the door yourself. We provide complete four wired video audio intercom solutions based on your requirements. Our dedicated team of engineers can design a system which is best applicable for your premises like high rise residence building, luxury Villa, etc. Our products are security enabled with live display with user friendly operation. We have systems depending on the application such as for 2 door 2 intercom stations to 2 door 100 intercom stations and so on. Our systems are flexible they can be altered for adding more slave stations. We provide Audio intercom, Video intercom, Intercom with door lock and security features, Intercom solution for high rise buildings, Direct Phone intercom system which can take calls directly.

Our multi-tenant Audio / Video Intercom System door entry units have various features to consider as well. As many as 16 entry door units can be installed with this system. 

Our multi-tenant video intercom cameras have infrared night vision capabilities for 24 hour security. Each door unit contains a card reader as  an option for quick entry using an access card or a key fob. Entry can also be granted using an access code on the keypad. The door entry units also have 24 VDC electric strike locks wired to the entry unit without the need for an extra power source. Our multi-tenant video intercom system door entry units have many capabilities that will eliminate your security concerns. Our Audio / Video Intercom System is an affordable security option for apartment buildings, condominiums, or any other type of multi-tenant building. This system uses CAT6 cables and are ideal for either small apartments with few tenants or large buildings with high traffic. The multi-tenant video intercom system can be installed and used for access control of gates or doors of any type of building. The video feature of our apartment video intercom system allows not only voice call options, but also video monitoring from a remote location. This feature adds to the video and access control security solutions of any facility.

IP Door Intercom Systems

Combining a door intercom with a phone allows to comfortably talk to a visitor and open the door from your desk. The conversation is handled by your telephony server, like a regular internal phone call.

Why IP door intercom systems?

Digital communication via an IP door intercom has many advantages, such as:

– easy planning and installation
– few components
– secure communications
– enabling parallel conversations
– video telephony
– telephone directory
– easy to control and maintain via web server

Alternatively to SIP, some systems are using the H.323 protocol. However, H.323 requires very powerful hardware and has several disadvantages relating to firewalls and network integration.


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